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Activist and Junior Ambassador
At sixteen years old, she collaborates with Sasha Suncare, a collaborative line of sunscreens developed with MMSkincare cosmetics brand. Sasha's mission is to educate teens about the dangers of sun damage and help normalise preventative sun protection measures.

100% of the profits from the sales of Sasha Suncare are donated directly to our NGO. Every ten bottles of Sasha Suncare sold equates to an entire year's worth of sunscreen, education and dermatological examinations for a person with albinism in Africa.

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Paralympic champion in adapted athletics
World runner-up at the age of 20, she won 100m gold and 400m Paralympic silver in her category in Tokyo in 2021. Adiaratou Iglesias (Mali, 1999) left Mali in 2010 because of local superstitions surrounding people with albinism; as a child she knew she was different because she was white, but it was not until she arrived in Spain that she came across the term "person with albinism".

She collaborates with Beyond Suncare because she feels identified with our work and highlights the distribution of products to people with albinism that they would not otherwise be able to get.

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Physio, doctor and Paralympic medallist
Her visual impairment, due to her condition as a person with albinism, has never been an impediment to trying to overcome her goals. Trying again and again, without help, is what has generated her eagerness to fight in any of the fields in which she is involved. She is convinced that the best way to help people with disabilities is to give them freedom.

Susana (Vigo, Spain 1988) is a two-time European champion and world champion in 2012, 2018, 2019 and 2021. Time Magazine dedicated its cover to her in July 2020, a few weeks before she won gold in Tokyo, which catapulted her as a reference in Paralympic sport.