We fight for a world in which the human rights of all people with albinism are respected, where they enjoy the same opportunities and live without fear, a free life, that enables them to stand on their own and be who they really are.

… and we firmly believe that together we can make it possible.


We go beyond sun protection to ensure that no person with albinism dies unnecessarily from skin cancer.

We promote their insertion in society through the promotion of more tolerant societies and dignified attention that helps them to raise their self-esteem and self-confidence.



Our history is a story of nonconformity, work and tenacity. It is the story of the thousands of people we have helped to save lives, and that of the thousands of lives we are trying to improve. Our journey has been based on the steps of thousands of people with albinism in Africa and of those who have joined and continue to join our cause. Together, we have made it possible for our dream to acquire a new reality every day.

First contact with albinism

The Co-founders of Beyond Suncare, Lorea Bagazgoitia and Mafalda Soto, begin to work with people with albinism in Tanzania and Malawi respectively.

Lorea, dermatologist, as a key part of the team of the Ramón y Cajal Hospital that annually visit the Regional Dermatology Training Center in Moshi (Tanzania) to train African specialists on how to treat and operate skin cancer in people with albinism.

Mafalda, pharmacist specialized in Tropical Medicine, begins a journey of nine years in Africa with the help of the NGO Africa Directo, coordinating sociosanitary projects of support to vulnerable groups and at risk of exclusion.

Their paths cross in Malawi at the end of 2009

The seed of Beyond Suncare

Mafalda moves to Moshi (Tanzania) to coordinate a project of integral support to People with Albinism in the Regional Dermatology Training Center, center of reference in dermatological diseases of sub-Saharan Africa. There she observes how dozens of people with albinism arrive daily at the hospital with very advanced cancershopeless, in which there is “nothing to do”. A nonconformity reaction, combined with a address of the hospital involved and support from different organizations, launches a skin cancer prevention program; it’s the first seed of Beyond Suncare.

Development of the first sunscreen specially designed for the protection of people with albinism in Africa

In December of 2012, after more than One year of R & D and various studies in the field, 25 children with albinism from a school in Kilimanjaro receive Kilisun for the first time. Kilisun, first photoprotector designed for the prevention of skin cancer of people with albinism in Africa, sees the light at the Regional Dermatology Trainig Centre (Moshi, Tanzania) thanks to the support of the dermocosmetic laboratory Fridda Dorsch and the NGO Africa Directo. Three years later, the number of beneficiaries receiving sunscreen in Tanzania, accompanied by education and dermatological consultations, amounts to 3000.

Inauguration of the first local sunscreen production unit for people with albinism in Africa

In July of 2013 and thanks to the support of Under the Same Sun, The International Foundation for Dermatology and The College of Pharmacists of La Coruña, it is inaugurated in the RDTC / KCMC (Moshi, Tanzania) the Kilimanjaro Suncreen Production Unit, first local production laboratory of sun creams for people with albinism in Africa. The unit, which employs workers with albinism, is not only engaged in the manufacturing of creams, but manages the distributions and sessions of education through a network of collaborators in the most remote places of the country.

Disclosure and expansion

In 2015 Mafalda is chosen  “Champion of the Albinism Casue” by the United Nations and throughout 2015 and 2016 participates in various forums and conferences on albinism in Africa. There is a need to replicate the Tanzanian model in other countries of sub-Saharan Africa where the leaders of the local associations call for it, mainly because of the limitation and precariousness of services,  both,  dermatological and preventive It is necessary to create an entity that allows crossing borders and may guarantee the right to healthy and a dignified life among people with albinism in Africa. Rocío Díaz-Agero, third co-founder of Beyond, plays a key role in this phase.

Beyond Suncare is born

After almost 10 years of work and experience in Africa in the protection of people with albinism by its founders, Beyond Suncare is registered in Spain. The NGO strives to guarantee the right to health and a dignified life for people with albinism in Africa.

Beyond counts as  advisors and collaborators leading international figures and organizations in the world of dermatology, photoprotection and human rights.

We cross borders

In 2018 and 2019 Beyond Suncare starts an expansion process by opening projects in Malawi, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda. In Malawi develops a research study in partnership with the Association of Persons with Albinism and the Ministry of Health with the aim of demonstrating and disseminating the impact and cost-effectiveness of the package of preventive services of Beyond between local and international actors. The next phase: establish a local sunscreen production unit that cover the needs of all people with albinism in the country.


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