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CLAIRE FULLER (United Kingdom)

Chair of the International Foundation for Dermatology
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United Nations Independent Expert on Albinism
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Director Africa Directo
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Senior Scientific Advisor in Photoprotection, former DSM and BASF
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Researcher and Dermatologist, former director of the photobiology group of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology
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PETER ASH (Canada)

CEO and Founder of Under the Same Sun
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Marketing and Communication, former Director of Marketing and Retail at L'Oréal


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Mafalda has a pharmaceutical background specialized in International Health. In 2008 she threw her backpack on and became a volunteer. What would initially be a nine stage months became nine years of work pioneering socio-sanitary projects to support vulnerable groups in sub-Saharan Africa. Since 2010, she has been obsessed with improving the lives of people with albinism in Africa.

In 2016 she returned to Europe and co-founded Beyond Suncare. Mafalda is a "United Nations Champion on Albinism" and the model she developed for the protection of People with Albinism was chosen as Best Practice by the United Nations in 2016.

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Medical Director
Lorea is a dermatologist. Since 2008 she has participated in workshops training African doctors on how to treat skin cancer in people with albinism. With one or two annual surgical-training trips to Tanzania in the last ten years, she lived closely and witnessed the birth of the first sunscreen made specifically for people with albinism produced in Africa.

Since 2017 she has moved from cancer treatment to its prevention, embarking enthusiastically on the Beyond Suncare project.

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Projects Director
Rocío is an industrial engineer who has dedicated her professional career to develop innovative and sustainable solutions towards development problems involving all of actors of the society, working with the United Nations and ONGAWA amongst others.

What began in Tanzania as a friendship with Mafalda ended up becoming a shared passion for changing the lives of people with albinism in Africa, which led to her to join the project in 2015.

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Responsible for communication
Montse Sellarès is a journalist fascinated by social journalism, sustainability and new trends of generating impact. She is specialized in digital and corporate communication, design, graphic design and Internet production. With a little piece of Malawi in her heart, she turned her final academic degree to work on people with albinism in Africa into an indefinite collaboration with Beyond Suncare.

Her objective? Raise awareness on albinism condition, contribute to change lives and value the work of the NGO with the maximum creativity and in all formats, media and channels.

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Regional Coordinator for Southern and Eastern Africa
Malawi-born physician, Devline has more than 20 years experience in the creation of hospitals and in the direction of community development projects. He is a regular participant in the World Bioethics Conference and member of the Scientific Committee of the World Bioethics Society since 2016.

His extensive experience in project management, combined with its passion to improve the lives of the most vulnerable, prompted him to join the Beyond Suncare project with enthusiasm since its birth.